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How to install HP printer using IP address?

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  1. Understand why you need to use this method. Often the older devices will not cooperate well with new printer-networking setups. Connecting through the IP address of the printer is most compatible, but it also means that you will not have access to the additional features of any printer. Some specific cases include:
  • If you want to connect an old printer to your network, then it can not support automatically adding to your operating system.
  • If your printer is connected to a printer server, you have to connect to that server instead of your printer.
  • If you are using older versions of Windows or OS X, such as XP or Snow Leopard, you may not be able to add new printers automatically.
  • If you are connecting to your school’s printer, you will need to use an IP address.
Install  a Network Printer via IP address
Install a Network Printer via IP address

2. Connect the printer to your network. You can plug it directly into your network switch using the ethernet cable, connect it to the print server connected to your network, or connect it to your network using the printer’s built-in wireless adapter.

Install printer using IP address
Install printer using IP address

3. Get the printer’s IP address. There are a couple of different ways you can get the IP address of your printer.

  • If your printer has a display, you can see the IP address in the printer’s networking or settings menu.
  • Most printers will print the IP address on the configuration page. You can print it from the settings menu of the printer.
  • If you are using the old printer, you may have to access your router to determine the printer’s IP address.
  • If you are connecting to a print server, you will need the server’s IP address. If your school connects to the printer, the IT department will be able to provide you IP addresses.
Install HP Printer using IP address
Install HP Printer using IP address

4. Connect to the printer, If you are using a Mac, skip down to the next step.

  • Open Control Panel and choose “Devices and Printers” or “View Devices and Printer”.
  • Click the Add a printer button and then select “Add a local printer”.
  • Select “Create a new port” and then go to “Standard TCP / IP Port” from the menu. Click Next.
  • Enter the IP address of printer in the “Hostname or IP Address” field. Click Next.
  • Select your printer make and model. If it’s not listed, click on Windows Update to update online or if you have a printer software, then the disc is there.
  • If you are asked to use the current driver or to change it, choose to use the driver that is currently installed.
Printer support Number
Printer support Number

Connect to the printer (Mac OS) operating system.

  • Click on the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”.
  • Select the “Print & Scan” option.
  • Click on the “+” button at the bottom of your printer list.
  • Click the “IP” tab at the top of the Add Printer window.
  • Enter the printer’s IP address into the “Address” field.
  • Now, Go to the correct Protocol. Many systems will use the default “Line Printer Daemon”, but check with your network administrator if you’re unsure.
  • Click on Add. If you are prompted to install software, follow the prompts to download it or install it from a disk.
HP Printer customer support Number
HP Printer customer support Number

Print to the network printer. Once you have added the printer to your operating system, you’ll be able to select it from any Print dialog.

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