Install Epson Printer Windows 10

  • Open your “printer” dialogue box
  • Select on “add a local printer”  
Epson Wireless Printer Setup
Epson Wireless Printer Setup
  • Then “click” on “USB port”  
Install Epson Printer Windows 10
Install Epson Printer Windows 10
  • Choose your printer driver
  • And “click’ on “window update” 
Install Epson Printer Windows 10
Install Epson Printer Windows 10
  • Finally “click” on “next”

Install Epson Printer Windows 10

  • Go to the main page of Epson Printer support and “click” on “Epson support”
  • “Click” on your product model
  • Now “select” on “manuals”
  • Select on “start here”
  • Click on “download and install”
  • Read the agreement carefully and then “select” on “next”
Install Epson Printer Windows 10
  • Select on install” option
  • And then “click” on “finish”
  • Choose your “product”
  • And the “select” on “next”  
Install Epson Printer
Install Epson Printer
  • Click on “printer registration”
  • Then “select” on “next” button
Epson Wireless Printer Setup
  • Now “click” on “agree” and “select” on “next” 
Install Epson Printer Windows 10
  • View the message “register a printer to Epson connect”
  • Click on “ok
  • To create a new account, fill the available form and then “select’ on “finish”
  • To register a new product “click” on “I already have an account”
  • Now “Enter” the “add a new printer”
  • Then “select” on “add”
  • Finally “click” on “close”

Troubleshoot Epson Inkjet Printer

  • Make sure the LED light comes out on pressing the power
  • Plug the printer properly into the outlet
  • For “LCD” Please check all the status”
  • Now printer is ready for use, click on “connected or online”
  • To check, please test to print
  • Now check the ink
  • For cleaning the printer, use the “self-cleaning
  • Go under “drivers” then click” on “utilities” in the “properties”
  • Clean the printer “print heads”
  • Check your print tray
  • At the time of operation always unplug your printer
  • Now check your printer queue is backed up. Go to the “control panel”
  • Click on “printers”
  • Then “click” on “purge print documents”
  • And install the driver properly

Install Canon Wireless Printer

Canon Printer is well known with a wide variety to share between house, photo, pro photo. It is very convenient to use and user-friendly can be used to print the documents, copy, fax or scan. It is the best photo printer in the market which comes in every size and design to meet the needs of the user.

Install Canon Wireless Printer,
Install Canon Wireless Printer

Support and Service we offer for Customers

  • Facing problem with installation , reinstalling, downloading or set up
  • Unable to connect with Wi-Fi or VPN
  • Facing Problem with ink jam , print heads, print quality, spooler and multi-function
  • Speed error and optimization issue

Install Canon Wireless Printer

  • Plug the printer in and turn it on
  • Use “Ethernet connection” to connect the printer in router
  • Insert “CD” in your system for installation before setting the printer
  • Use “printer LCD screen” and “click” on the “wireless network” then “enter” the “password”
  • Confirm that both the computer and printer is connected to the same network or Wi-Fi
  • Please change the network if they are not same with both connection

Install Canon Printer on Windows

  • First go to “start” on your computer
  • Select the “windows logo”
  • Now open the settings and select it
  • Select the “device” on the settings window
  • Now click on the “printers & scanners”
  • Select on “add a printer or scanner” then a “pop- up “ window will open
  • Select your “name” to connect the “printer”
  • If process has completed you can use the printer with system
  • If you are unable to see the printer then please “add” window
  • Connect the printer to “USB” to USB cable
  • And follow the instructions very carefully

Install Canon Printer on Mac

  • On your “Apple phone”
  • Open the “menu” option
  • Select the “apple logo”
  • And the menu will appear on the screen
  • then “select” the “system preferences”
  • Then “select” on “printer & scanners”
  • On the window “select” on “+” and on the “pop-up window
  • Now you will see your name on the screen if your printer is already connected
  • Select your “name” for installation
  • Install printer “USB” cable if you can’t see your name
  • Connect the “printer” to “computer” using a “USB TO USB-C cable
  • Wait for a while to appear the window and follow the instruction very carefully

The team is very active to provide the support for 24*7 hours for all the issues such as printer setting issue, installation or driver problems.